Recruiting Video & Employer Branding Video.

Finding good employees is not easy – especially when it comes to GenZ. With a recruiting video, you put yourself in the right light as an employer and get found. We make sure you don’t reach more, but the right applicants. Thanks to employer branding video, a perfect match is guaranteed!

Over 500+ companies rely on our recruiting videos:

What is a recruiting video?

A recruiting or employer branding video effectively communicates your brand and facilitates your HR recruiting. This gives potential employees an insight into your company and strengthens the team spirit within the company.

Through social media channels, it reaches exactly the talent you’re looking for – motivated, interested, in demand – and creates interest in your company with authentic storytelling.

In this way, you become an employer of choice and are always top of mind – even if your ideal candidates are not actively looking for a job at the moment.

Examples of employer branding videos.

We create your recruiting video according to your wishes.
After all, you don’t want to target and attract the most candidates, but rather the most appropriate ones.
Check out a selection of our latest projects.

Campaign: “Trainees: No Bullshit”

Efficient trainee recruitment with a wink. With short and concise videos, we address the right target group with pinpoint accuracy in a comprehensive social media campaign and differentiate the employer from the competition.
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UBS Cardcenter.
Campaign: “Support Recruitment”

Communication at eye level with a focus on openness and team diversity. With a combination of live-action movie and animation, authentic statements of the team are presented and the work location is introduced.
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Campaign: Employer Branding Film

“Balmer-Etienne can be imagined this way, but you don’t have to”. Thanks to its high level of expertise and professionalism, Balmer-Etienne AG has built up an impressive track record over the years. At the same time, it operates far from the typical cliché of a fiduciary company. Its employees appear in front of the camera and provide authentic insights into their day-to-day work – all with a twinkle in their eyes.

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Sounds good? We think so too.

At Videodesign, we master recruiting with videos from A for animation to T for targeting. Together, we tell in-demand talent why they want to work for you and engage your current employees with an even stronger team spirit. Contact us now for a free consultation – we look forward to hearing from you!

4 good reasons for
a recruiting video.



Explain, who you are.

To become an Employer of Choice, you need to be one thing above all: visible. Show your prospective employees what makes you their dream employer in an employer branding video.


Show, where you stand.

You are at the top. A good recruiting video outshines the competition and communicates one thing above all: you are the first choice for dedicated job seekers. Without ifs and buts.


Say, what you believe in.

An employer branding video helps you promote your brand effectively internally and externally. With concise storytelling, we convey your visions in such a way that they remain in the memory.


Find, who you need.

You don’t need just any people, you need the right people to drive your business forward. Target them with a recruiting video from Videodesign.

5 Tips & Tricks
for your employer branding video.

A good recruiting video is not witchcraft.
With just a few simple but effective tricks, we’ll hit the right note together.

1. Formulate a strong message

You have a clear vision of your company – communicate it! To be remembered by others, your own corporate identity must be tangibly recognizable. Determine what factors clearly set you apart from other employers, then tell them – and feel free to let your employees have their say.

2. Use the power of storytelling

We all like to hear stories – and they stay in our memories. Use the magic of emotional storytelling to convey an honest picture of your company. Focus on your company, your product, your employees, or something completely unexpected – the main thing is that the story engages your target audience.

3. Be authentic and honest
You don’t just want to find the right candidates, you want to retain them in the long term. That’s why honesty is what counts most in employer branding videos – don’t be afraid of your own rough edges. Here you can profitably gather feedback from your team and incorporate their perspective.
4. Give your video the right spice

An entertaining recruiting video effortlessly stands out from the crowd of competitors – so a dash of humor will take you far. This is how you stay in your audience’s mind, communicate at eye level and at the same time convey that having fun together as a team is not a foreign word in your corporate culture.

5. Be open to new things

More and more companies are turning to video communication. Your most important goal is therefore to stand out. Try new approaches to stand out from the crowd – for example, build unexpected plot twists into your video. And don’t be afraid of new formats and channels – even if you don’t use TikTok yet, the younger target group already does.

Don't know where to start?

It’s not hard to get started: Let us advise you. We offer 360-degree service from the conception and creation of your video to its optimized distribution.

It's that simple.
In 4 steps to your recruiting video.

No matter if you are new to the topic of recruiting videos or already familiar with all the waters of employer branding, you can rely on us for video production from start to finish.

1. Strategy & consulting

Kick-off! Together, we analyze the target group and core messages for your recruiting video and set the course for optimal collaboration.

2. Conception & storyteling

Let's start with storytelling. We create a gripping storyline for you and write the script for the perfect employer branding video.

3. Film production

Now it's time for filming. We film and take care of the best film set. Of course, everything will be designed to match your CI/CD.

4. Promotion

Once your video is produced, it's time to find its audience. We take care of its marketing on the appropriate social channels, whether on LinkedIn or TikTok.

Ta-da! Your video is ready!

That was easy - but now it's time to optimize and analyze the performance of your video.
That's how we make sure you reach your ideal audience, guaranteed.


Videodesign offers recruiting videos with all-round service.

At Videodesign, we know employer branding videos inside out – we are your Swiss video agency with over 10 years of experience and over 4,500 videos realized. And we put them to work for you. We know your target group exactly and know how you can best reach them.

Are you ready to meet us?
We are and we look forward to seeing you! Schedule a consultation with our experts. Together, we’ll make your HR video a hit.

Here are answers to your recruiting video.
What does a recruiting video cost?

What your recruiting video costs depends entirely on length, concept and implementation. For employer branding videos, we mainly use live-action movies, sometimes supplemented with animation.


Generally, as with all film productions: Your budget determines the scope of the implementation possibilities.


We will be happy to advise you personally and provide you with a free quote. Arrange your consultation here now.

Why should I have a recruiting video created by an agency?

With us you get more than just a pure video - we create your script, apply magic storytelling, shoot your video and take care of the distribution. Let us convince you of our 360° service.

How does my company benefit from recruiting videos?

Shortages for skilled labor are a bigger issue than ever before with a prevalent worker market. With a recruiting video, you ensure that the right candidates perceive you as a desirable employer and that you are their first choice.

How long does it take to produce a recruiting video?

Usually we calculate 25 working days. If there is a real need, we can also find a quicker solution - just contact us.

Still not found
what you are looking for?

Our range covers the entire spectrum of video formats:

Corporate Video

Reach new target markets and strengthen your team culture with an image film.

Product Video

The sales booster par excellence: We promote your product in a modern way.

Explainer Video

Together we solve question marks and make sure everyone sees the big picture.

Your turn
Ready to start?

Book a free call with one of our explainer video experts and let us help you
get your point across.

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