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An image film strengthens your corporate branding and puts your company in the perfect light. Whether as a film production, motion graphics or full animation – we use the advantages of an image film and set no limits in the stylistic implementation.

Over 500+ companies trust our image films:

What is an image film?

An image film is a concise video format to present the portrait of a company, brand or product in a positive light. Exciting storytelling evokes positive emotions and links them to the brand. The aim of an image film is to explain the vision, corporate culture or company values in more detail. This conveys a positive image to the viewer that remains in the memory.

Examples: This is how
your image film could look.

With us, you can create exactly the image film you want.
Check out some of our latest productions:

Field of application: Company insight

Communication at eye level with the Swiss population. We fuse powerful and personal visual storytelling with a dynamic combination of real film and motion design to create a gripping image film.

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Field of application: innovative spirit

An image film whose narrative focuses on the company’s history and innovative spirit and tells it in an exciting way. Animated motion design adds additional dynamics and sets visual highlights.

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Field of application: Branding

Fast cuts create an entertaining image film that appeals directly to the target group and remains in the memory. By not using voice-over, the film is universal and can be widely distributed.

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Field of application: Company insight

A medium-sized company that can keep up with the big players without losing its personal touch and central Swiss roots. Experience insights into the four different locations, the diverse team members and their fields of activity, which together represent the breadth of Balmer-Etienne. A professional voiceover guides you through the video, while motion designs in the corporate CI/CD underline and highlight the messages.

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With us you are in good hands if you want to create an image film. We accompany you from the initial idea to the final optimization. Contact us now for your free consultation – together we’ll make your brand a star.

4 unbeatable advantages
of your image film.

Make your corporate video work for you and use it for several years. An image film can be optimally used not only in employer branding as recruiting video, but also in marketing and sales. An investment that more than pays off. We show you the most important advantages and reasons for a professional image film:


brand awareness.

People love videos. Take advantage of this and increase your visibility. Emotional storytelling builds trust and promotes brand loyalty, both with your customers and within the team.



employer branding.

Make your corporate culture tangible and become an employer of choice. That’s how you reach the perfect candidates, retain your current talent, and stay ahead of the competition.



visual storytelling.

What we perceive through images and emotions stays in our memory longer. The skillful combination of sound and powerful visuals creates an emotional connection with your brand.



Open up
new target markets.

With visual communication, you make your image film work for you. This is how you reach new, potential customers, promote brand loyalty and thus increase sales.

5 Tips & Tricks:
How to create a professional image film.

Are visual communication and image films still new territory for you?
Don’t worry – with Videodesign you have an experienced partner at your side.
With a few simple tricks, you can have a memorable corporate video created.


1. Show, don’t tell

Images evoke emotions and help anchor information in memory. Use the magic and power of images. Complement it with moving, emotional storytelling, using spoken off-voice or dialogue in a targeted way. Good audiovisual communication that is remembered is characterized by a successful combination of image and sound.


2. Define clear messages

Don’t succumb to the temptation to include too much information or product detail – you don’t want to overwhelm, you want to generate sympathy for your company and culture. What is your vision? What do you stand for? Convey your values and your CI in clear messages. This creates a timeless image film that you can use for years and that shows your image.


3. Keep it snappy

Brevity is the spice of life. An image film should be between 1 to 4 minutes long. When in doubt, choose the shorter suspense – it would be a shame if your audience lost interest halfway through. Here’s a tip: an overall image film can be well complemented by additional crisp, 10-30 second clips for use on social media, ads, etc.


4. Let your team have their say

Engage your employees as authentic ambassadors. But beware: they are not actors. The unfamiliar situation in front of the camera can trip up even articulate people, so plan on enough shooting time. And get written consent that you may continue to use the film even after you may leave.


5. Stay authentic

Your image film should convey a positive image of your company to the audience, but should also always remain truthful. Try to capture your actual company culture as authentically as possible. In this way, you communicate your brand effectively to the outside world and at the same time strengthen your employees’ identification with the company.

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5 simple steps to your image film.

How can you have a good image film created? The process can seem complicated and overwhelming at first, but at Videodesign we specialize in taking those worries away from you. We take over all steps of the production and accompany you from the beginning to the end. Here’s how it works:

1. Kick-off workshop

Let's go! We define goals together, formulate the core messages that your image film should convey, and create a project schedule.

2. Conception

We create your storyline, write the script and shooting schedule and get to work on the organization: actor casting and booking, location scouting and props.

3. Film shooting

Now it's time to get serious: We organize the film crew, camera equipment, lighting, sound, make-up artists, drones and much more - and off we go with the shoot.

4. Post-production

Time for post-processing! We cut, optimize the colors in the color grading and add any necessary animations. Sound design and music are also part of post-production.

5. Promotion

Last but not least: Video Marketing. We distribute your video on social media, book slots in TV & cinema and analyze and optimize the performance.

Why should you have your image film created by Videodesign?

When it comes to video design, we are experts in image films, because moving storytelling is in our blood. As a Swiss video agency with 10 years of experience and more than 4,500 realized image films, we are familiar with all the waters of professional film production. Whether animation, real film, motion design, stock footage or a combination of several elements – with us you will find the right implementation option for every budget. We provide a high-quality image film that you can use in the long term.

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Here are some popular answers to your image film.
What does it cost to have an image film created?

The costs for your image film can vary depending on the scope, quality requirements and available budget. Or to put it the other way around: The available budget determines the possibilities, e.g. whether we can work with a film crew, actors, extras, different locations etc.

Contact us here to receive a free PDF quote.

Why should I have an image film created by an agency?

There are many things to consider when creating an image film. We at Videodesign are experts in video creation and have been creating videos for over 10 years. Our experience from over 4,500 created image films flows directly into your image film. From the kick-off workshop to the concept to the final implementation, we accompany you holistically. Get an impression yourself and have a look at our references.

What are the benefits of a professional image film?

With a professional image film you strengthen the awareness level of your company, create trust in your brand, reach new, potential target groups and thereby increase your company's success. An image film makes your company stand out from the crowd and increases your sales.

How long does it take to create an image film?

As with the costs, the duration for the creation of an image film also depends on the concept. The decisive factors here are the preparation (e.g. organization of premises, props, obtaining permits, recruitment of actors, etc.), the number of shooting days and the complexity of the subsequent processing (post-production). An image film can be produced from approx. 5 weeks can be realized.

Image film: Better animated or as a film production?

Whether the image film should be animated or produced as a live-action movie depends on your goals and the intended use. The basic rule is that the film should portray the company as authentically as possible. The advantages of real film include the use of real people and premises, which enhances emotions. Animation allows complex content to be abstracted and simplified, offers a wide range of options for scene selection, and is less expensive to produce. A combination of both can create a fantastic dynamic, which we would be happy to show you in more detail in a personal conversation.

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