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You want to increase the sales of your product? Generate more sales, leads and awareness? A clear case for a product video! You can easily create it at Videodesign. We are your experienced Swiss video marketing agency and put your product in the best possible light – memorable, original and sustainable.

Over 500+ companies rely on our product videos:
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Examples: Here's what your product video could look like.

We create clarity, generate interest and create engagement with product videos. With us, you communicate faster, easier, more successfully. You can find some examples of product videos below:

Electronic Patient Dossier (EPD)
Federal Office of Public Health
Online Pharmacy
Coop Vitality
Debit Mastercard
Cantonal Bank of Bern BEKB

What is a product video?

A product video helps you effectively illustrate the benefits of your product. We promote the USPs of your product in an easy-to-understand way, thus creating clarity. When used in the right communication channels, a concise video attracts attention, arouses positive emotions and strikes a chord with your target group.

As a result, it creates a clear incentive to buy and increases the reach of your marketing. This increases conversions and with them sales. A sales booster with minimal wastage.

Sounds complicated? It’s easy – at Videodesign you can have your perfect product video created, even without any previous experience in video marketing.


4 reasons for a product video.

There are plenty of good reasons to have a product video created. We have summarized the 4 most important ones for you:

Use the point of interest

A product video can fulfill the same function as a well-trained salesperson with expert knowledge. It provides customers with valuable information about your product and convinces them of the benefits and possible applications. Friendly, comprehensive and competent.

Your product in focus

What a short commercial can't do, you make up for with a product video. We put all the advantages, application examples or possible uses of your product perfectly in the limelight according to your wishes - with storytelling that arouses interest and stays in the memory. Your product is guaranteed to be a big seller.

Professional portfolio

Informative product videos enhance your portfolio enormously for business partners, investors and customers. Why bore with conventional PowerPoint presentations when you can showcase your product in an entertaining and comprehensible way? Convince with a product video and shine with modern video content.

Wide range of design options

You also benefit from versatile design options for product videos. Whether with 360° videos, animation elements or combined with an e-learning concept: Your product becomes a movie star individually according to your needs and wishes. At Videodesign you have the choice from all imaginable video formats and styles.

How do we create a product video?

Are product videos and video marketing still new territory for you? No problem – that’s what we’re here for. Whether you’ve already commissioned a video or are looking to have a product video created for the first time, we’ll be with you from start to finish.

Step by step.



Nothing works without you. Our iterative process ensures that your feedback is considered every step of the way.

So you get exactly the product video you want.

Have your product video created.
4 easy steps
1. Creative Kick-off Workshop

Here's where it starts: we dig into your topic and cover all the important questions: who is your target audience, what are your key USPs, and what should be your timeline. So we are perfectly prepared for a great creative collaboration.

2. Conception

Next, we flex our creative muscles. Your product video gets a concept and a storyline. We record sound demos with our speakers and let you listen to them.

3. Design

Now we start through to the visual level: The storyboard takes shape and you get different suggestions for the design style. Visually, we align ourselves entirely with your CI/CD - or, if you wish, create a personal style just for you and your product video.

4. Animation

We animate your product video in the truest sense of the word: we fill it with life! Thanks to a wide range of animation styles and plenty of creative talent, there's nothing our experts can't make vivid. And of course we also take care of the sound design.

Abracadabra! Your product video is ready to go!

That was easy. In just 25 business days, you'll have your own product video - ready for distribution on all your channels.

Ready for your product video?

At Videodesign, we know exactly what it takes to create a successful product video campaign. We’ve been producing videos right here in Switzerland for over 10 years and bring all our experience to bear for you – with the world of video marketing. With us, you are guaranteed to find and reach your audience.

Let’s go! Are you ready to get started with us? Arrange a no-obligation consultation with our product video experts.
Together we put your product in the spotlight.


With us you get video marketing with 360° service.

If you want to put your product in the spotlight, video production alone is not enough. At Videodesign, we believe in a holistic video marketing approach.

What does that mean? We not only create a unique product video for you, but also support you throughout the entire marketing process – distribution and performance analysis included.

With us, you get a customized campaign around your product video that lets your product really shine.






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Some helpful answers about product videos.
What is a product video?

A product video is used to market a product. The product is presented in a positive light and, if necessary, explained in detail. The most important USPs are communicated concisely to the target group. Emotions should be aroused and a positive image of the product should remain in the viewer's mind.

How much does it cost to have a product video created?

The cost of a product video varies depending on the concept. The biggest cost drivers are the number of shooting days, the use of actors (amateurs vs. professional actors), the purpose of use (online vs. TV advertising) and the amount of editing (post-production). 

Get your free quote and individual consultation here.

How long does it take to create a product video?

A product video can from approx. 4 weeks be realized. The realization time of a product film depends on the concept. The decisive factors here are the preparation (e.g. organization of premises, props, obtaining permits, casting of actors, etc.), the number of shooting days and the complexity of the subsequent processing (post-production).

How does the realization of a product video work?

The realization of a product video runs simplified in four steps.

  1. Kick-off meeting: discussion of goals and video design advice.
  2. Preproduction / conception: script writing and preparations
  3. Filming / Shooting days: Shooting of the scenes agreed in the concept.
  4. Postproduction: post-production and finalization of the product video (color grading, cuts, background music, sound effects, etc.)
A product video as animation or a live-action movie?

The decision to produce the product video as a live-action movie or animation depends mainly on the product. In many cases, animation can help to abstract or simplify a product or to provide insights that cannot be filmed in real life (e.g. cross-sections). We will be happy to advise you in detail.

Do you prefer a different format?

We offer a variety of possible video formats:

Explainer Video

We create clarity and explain complex topics with great explanatory films.

Corporate Video

Your company in the spotlight: with an image film, you're guaranteed to stand out.

Recruiting Video

Finding the best talent is difficult - but not with a recruiting video.

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